The Whitby Trilogy

Myanmar Love Story Meets Post-War Britain Family Saga

If you are a fan of historical romance novels and war fiction, then this trio of British novels is for you, yet each novel stands alone as a compelling work.

My first novel was published in 2016 and, as intended, it left readers in suspense. Was the eponymous “Eugene”, who had survived the Far East campaign in Burma to enjoy a successful business career back home, a good man or a scoundrel. In fact, had he committed multiple murders?

In my second novel “Pearl” (2018) is determined to find the answer. She wants to prove he is innocent but dark forces are afoot. At times her faith in Eugene is sorely tested but help comes from an unlikely source. Even so, an evil bloodline might be continuing. If it is, only the third book of the Whitby trilogy will plumb the depths of this evil. I will reveal events of the present day as they unfold.

#1 Eugene
Eugene is a love story which spans decades and thousands of miles, separating star-crossed lovers at a tumultuous time in world history.

Can You Really Be Sure You Truly Know Someone?

The Far East was a forbidden, unsavoury place to be, if local opinion was to be believed. Eugene discovered it to be quite the opposite, and found himself falling deeply in love for the first time with the beautiful Chit. In this Myanmar love story, set thousands of miles apart, will Eugene ever come to terms with losing his first love?

Eugene is a poignant look into the life of a man haunted by an abandoned love. Taking place shortly after the second world war, young Eugene, a deeply traumatised RAF conscript, returns to his childhood home. Eugene moves through post-war British life enjoying great success, but is still haunted by his lost love, a Burmese nurse called Chit.

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#2 Pearl
A Classic Modern Detective Story

Pearl, the sequel to Eugene, is a classic modern detective story that picks up right where we left off. We find Pearl struggling to accept that her deceased friend Eugene committed multiple murders back in 1956. She is merely an amateur sleuth with only a Burmese student Kyaw to help delve into the past. The odds of success are slim and at times her faith is sorely tested. Conversely Marcus, a successful stock market day trader, has a burning moral obligation to prove that Eugene was a killer. It is the unexpected that shocks.

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#3 Luke?

Due for publication in late summer 2020 you can follow progress and learn about the principal characters by following this link..


Children’s Books by John G Smith

The Adventures of Eugene

Eugene was a butcher-boy. When he was only twelve years old he could make sausages and pies and cut up joints of meat. But, when he was eighteen, he was sent to Burma to drop rice from an aeroplane to villagers starving in the jungle. The Japanese soldiers were running scared.

Eugene fell in love with a beautiful Burmese girl named Chit but when he returned to England, she was not allowed to come with him. They were both very sad. Years later he married Dorothy and they opened only the second supermarket in England. Things started to go wrong.

There was an explosion down a coal mine, a terrible car crash and then Dorothy died: but how? Worse was to come. Two brothers disappeared without trace and then a farmer’s dog sniffed out a man’s arm buried in a field. The police came to see Eugene. Had he killed his brothers after a family argument.

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