John G Smith’s Autobiographies

Derbyshire Born
A charming and sometimes raw account of rural Derbyshire village life in the 1940’s.

The year is 1942, the British are stoical but fearful, the war could go either way. A boy is born in middle England on a small tenanted farm that might be lost to the Germans. He knows nothing of this nightmare since the early years are idyllic. Hating school and failing the crucial exam, the omens are not good.

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Barn Door To Balance Sheet
John Smith’s life journey from rural Derbyshire to the harsh world of big business.

It’s 70’s Britain and industry is rapidly reforming to prepare for a new age of opportunity and prosperity. John Smith a one time tenant farmer’s son gives a compelling account of how his family came second in his race to the top of the Price Waterhouse consultancy ladder and then in corporate life. Be prepared for some frank admissions about where life lost out to work in the work/life balance, but more importantly whether it was all worth it and whether there is a life hereafter.

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Poems About
The beauty of a poem is that it may not be what it appears to be.

In his original full length memoir “Barn Door To Balance Sheet”, John Smith punctuated the story with poems. For the first time these poems are drawn together and supplemented by others that did not form part of that story. This little book consists of twenty-five original poems. Whilst each is about a specific person, time or event, the reader will be drawn into the theatre. The beauty of a poem is that it may not be what it appears to be. Keep this collection handy. Time and again you will be drawn back to it.

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