History Lesson

Some thoughts on the March 2020 oil price war and Covid-19 pandemic..

Suckers sell, spivs clean up
Here we go again
Shorters dining at the Ritz
Clear as day
from candlesticks

They say a virus started it
fuelled by Saudi/Ruski fears
yet, a bull that runs for 12 long years
is bound to tire a bit

Question: did you need that size of debt
and pledge your shares as well?
No need to hoard some fat, and yet
so lean, you had to sell!

Little sympathy from me,
I’m not James Bond you know
but bond is what was needed
to hedge the Footsie flow

Next time, swot up on history
Stay calm, preserve your throat

When the charts are flashing red, red, red

Do nought

Jgs 11.03.2020

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